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Streaming Media from a PC to a PS3 using Windows Media Player 11

Click the little arrow beneath Library and then Media Sharing...

As a final note. It's really easy!

What an individual needThis should certainly end up being stating the obvious however, you will need...

A PC together with Windows Media Player 11A PS3A Router that both involving all of them are currently connected tooSome mediaThe Guide

The very 1st thing an individual ought for you to do will be change both your ps3 as well as pc on.

With the actual PS3 you ought to navigate the particular XMB to become able to Settings. Merely get the file on your PS3, click Triangle and press copy.

Now navigate again to the Video menu. Then correct from the bottom get into Network Settings. You ought to now see "Search with regard to Media Servers" and feasible the identify of the computer/server in your network. Just flick through this alternative on the PS3 to discover your entire media. When again at underneath is actually Media Server Connection. Click this as well as Enable. An Individual will now have the screen (as demonstrated inside the picture below). When an individual get a screen prior to this just click allow and then this screen will show. However don't switch off the computer.

If you must do need to shut off your individual computer anyone can always copy the actual media for the PS3's difficult drive. Click on onto it as well as the press Allow. Windows Media Player can now end up being closed along together with your PS3 will always stream the particular media. next tick both boxes beneath Sharing settings. This can become your PS3.

If all features perform anyone ought to certainly be capable of go back again to your PS3 and your computer's name will have appeared. Your PS3 doesn't assistance all of the file kinds in which Windows Media Player does.

. Finally - free playstation plus code - press Apply.

If your PS3 is connected to your big screen TV with an awesome sound system yet all your films tend to be on - - your PC that has the tiny screen as well as tiny speakers? Properly here's a quick 'How to' that may guide you through streaming almost all that media you've stored for you PC upon your current PS3. you could have noticed an Unkown Device show up inside the white box.

The subsequent stage you must bunch Windows Media Player

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