Dec 20, 2015 at 20:48 o\clock

why do you think white people enslave black people?

Whites had many causes of enslaving blacks:


- Eli Whitney invented your cotton gin, and additionally since man could now create many something entirely new from cotton, workers had been in higher demand. Black slaves.

- Tabacco had been in addition another crop that was inside higher demand in the time, and also much more workers had been needed.


- In the event that the abolition involving slavery won, there will be a new dramatic increase involving unemployment as well as would finish inside chaos, bloodshed along using a collapse involving industry.

Blacks had been 'better cared for':

- Anti-abolitionists argued that slaves had been actually cared with regard to much much better than within - covet fashion unlimited diamonds - their very own country.

- They Will had less chance of disease, etc.

- Whites were a lot more civilised compared to black society.

- Blacks were protected as well as assisted when sick as well as previous


- Romans had slaves

- Greeks had slaves

- Britain had slaves


- It ended up being best for heathen blacks to become inside a Christian community as well as convert


- Abraham had slaves

- The Actual Ten Commandments says: 'do not covet your own neighbours man/maidservant

- Paul returned the runaway slave for you to his master

- Jesus never spoke against it

- Gen 9:25 (read it)

I am the Christian and also do certainly not agree together with slavery, as did many Christians in slave trading times. Even though the particular Bible will consist of many slave examples, I even now do not necessarily accept it can be man's right to become able to very own another human being. Humans usually are not property, yet sadly people within the globe still do not really agree.

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